Please Note that these rules apply to our discord chat!

This is the rules/guildlines for Hypothetical Food Wiki you are to follow all of the rules at all time 

these rules were put in place so this wiki is a fun and safe place to edit.


  • We apply by the COPPA policy if you are under the age of 13 you will be banned until you turn 13.
  • Do Not Vandalize and or Plagarize Articles 
  • Cussing is not allowed here as we want to keep family friendly so users can edit happily
  • Be Respectful
  • Do not minimod
  • No NFSW Content if anyone 

Punishment SystemEdit

  • If you break a rule you get be reminded a total of 3 times depending on if you keep breaking the rules
  • If you do not head the reminders you will get one warning
  • After a warning you will be kicked from the discord server and given a final warning on the wiki
  • After the warning you will be banned from our discord and from the wiki (you may request to appeal your ban after three months so have paitence your privilage to appeal will be removed if you try to evade your ban)
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